We should follow Christ and imitate His example in every area of our lives. That includes how we lead others.

This series on Transformational Leadership, taught by our Executive Pastor, Ben Lovvorn, will challenge and equip you to lead others like Jesus did. Not only do we work to transform the world by rallying around a shared vision, but we also seek to transform the hearts of those we lead. People should look more like Jesus after spending time under our leadership. But leading like this is not easy or common in a fallen world. We’re often tempted to treat leadership like a transaction, where we use people to build monuments to ourselves.

This five-part iCampus series will help you discern what kind of leader you are now, so that you can take the next step in becoming the transformational leader God has called you to be.

We hope this video series will be an encouragement to you! And we hope it will help you become a better leader. We’re in this together!

To help you after the fifth lesson, we have prepared a free, downloadable resource for you—our Transformational Leadership Self-Assessment. The tool will walk you through a series of leadership qualities and habits. You’ll rate yourself on a scale from 1 to 5. And then this will help you discern the next steps you can take as you grow to become a Christlike transformational leader.